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A. Road Tax
B. Fees for Excess Weight and Dimensions
C. Road Use Charge/Tolls
D. Fees for Customs Clearance
E. Dues for Disinfection of Vehicles

A. Road Charge

The road charge levied on foreign vehicles entering or transiting through Bulgaria and registered in countries outside the European Union, using a permit with road charge payment is the following:

  • goods vehicle with 2 axles - EUR 58
  • goods vehicle with 3 axles or more - EUR 43

This charge is collected at border crossing points, in BGN, USD and EUR. It is collected on each entry into Bulgaria, with the exception of border traffic on which it is collected once a day, irrespective of the number of entries.
If a carrier, who has paid road taxes and motorway tolls for a fixed route through Bulgaria, changes this route, he must pay the difference when leaving the country.

B. Fees for excess weight and dimensions

All heavy and bulky convoys, which exceed the maximum authorised weights and dimensions, are subject to the following charges regardless of the vehicle's country of registration:

1. Excess weight

Exceeding the gross vehicle weight by Tax (EUR/km)
- from 0.10 t to 5.00 t incl. 0.25
- over 5.00 t to 10.00 t incl. 0.50
- over 10.00 t to 20.00 t incl. 0.83
- over 20.00 t to 30.00 t incl. 1.32
- over 30.00 t to 40.00 t incl. 2.05
- over 40.00 t to 50.00 t incl. 2.76
- over 50.00 t to 60.00 t incl. 3.68
- over 60.00 t 3.68 + 3.28 per each additional 10 t over 60 t

2. Excess Size

Exceeding the maximu authorised width by Tax (EUR/km)
- from 0.01 m to 0.50 m incl. 0.18
- over 0.50 m to 1.00 m incl. 0.26
- over 1.00 m to 1.50 m incl. 0.41
- over 1.50 m to 2.00 m incl. 0.59
- over 2.00 m to 2.50 m incl. 0.77
- over 2.50 m to 3.50 m incl. 1.14
- over 3.50 m 1.14 + 1.00 per each additional metre over 3.50 m

Exceeding the maximum authorised height by Tax (EUR/km)
- from 0.01 m to 0.15 m incl. 0.04
- over 0.15 m to 0.30 m incl. 0.08
- over 0.30 m to 0.50 m incl. 0.25
- over 0.50 m t0 1.00 m incl. 0.44
- over 1.00 m 0.44 + 1.8 per each additional metre over 1.00 m

Exceeding the maximum authorised length by Tax (EUR/km)
- from 0.01 m to 1.00 m incl. 0.08
- over 1.00 m to 2.00 m incl. 0.15
- over 2.00 m to 3.00 m incl. 0.33
- over 3.00 m to 10.00 m incl. 0.44
- over 10.00 m to 15.00 m incl. 0.81
- over 15.00 m 1,62

3. Excess Axle Load

Exceeding the maximum authorised load per axle by (EUR/km)
- from 0.10 t to 0.50 t per axle 0.11
- over 0.50 t to 1.00 t per axle 0.30
- over 1.00 t to 1.50 t per axle 0.44
- over 1.50 t to 2.00 t per axle 0.83
- over 2.00 t to 3.00 t per axle 1.63
- over 3.00 t to 4.00 t per axle 2.36
- over 4.00 t per axle 2.36 + 1.18 per each additional tone over 4.00 t

NB: If, at the same time, a vehicle exceeds the norms for weight, width, height, length or axle load taxes are levied separately for each of the parameters exceeding the norms.

4. Vehicle weighing fee

Payable only in case of exceeding of the maximum permited weight and/or axle load or if the weighing is upon request of the vehicle's owners or of the persons carrying out the transport - EUR 5.00 per truck.

5. Permits

In accordance with Ordinance 11/2001, Official Journal No. 67/2007, last amended No. 19/2010, heavy and/or bulky convoys using the Bulgarian road network, having total mass over 45 tones or weight per axle, exceeding with more than 30% the allowable axle loading for the respective road category, as well as oversized vehicles with dimensions: width – over 3.30 m, height – over 4.30 m and length over 22 m, must obtain a permit from

Agency „Road Infrastructure” 
3 Makedonia Place
1606 SOFIA
tel.: (+359 2) 917 34 65 

The price of a permit for a vehicle exceeding the maximum permitted weights and dimensions is EUR 36. The sum, which must be paid for all foreign-registered vehicles, regardless of the country of registration, is payable on application for the authorisation. The administration managing the road issues the permit within 5 working days or gives a motivated refusal. An additional charge is levied for rapid delivery of the permit: the supplement amounts to EUR 36 for delivery in three working days, and to EUR 72 in case of urgent elaboration of the document within one working day.

Vehicles exceeding the maximum authorised weights, having total mass over 60 tones, as well as oversized vehicles with dimensions: width – over 3.50 m, height – over 4.70 m and length over 24 m, should be escorted.

C. Road Use Charge/Tolls

I. E-Vignette

As of 1 January, 2019, electronic vignettes are introduced for the use of the paid road network by all passenger transport vehicles with not more than 8 seats and freight vehicles and/or vehicles for transport of passengers and goods with maximum permitted gross weight up to 3,5 t.

There are no longer any need to put paper vignette sticker on the windscreen of the vehicle. During a roadside check by the control authorities the owners and the users of the vehicles shall not be obliged to present a document proving the purchase of a vignette.

Electronic vignettes can be purchased in several easy ways:

• On the internet at the following address:

• Through a mobile application

• Through self-service terminals in retail outlets and in the offices of the Road Infrastructure Agency

• At cash desks at the points of sale and in the regional offices of the Road Infrastructure Agency

Vignette prices in EUR:

Weekend - 5, Weekly - 8, Monthly - 15, Quarterly - 28, Annual - 50

Validity of the vignette:
- weekend vignette - valid from 12:00 on Friday to 23:59 on Sunday;
- weekly vignette - valid for seven consecutive days from the day indicated on the vignette;
- monthly vignette - valid for one month from the day indicated on the vignette;
- quarterly vignette - valid for 3 months from the day indicated on the vignette;
- annual vignette - valid for one year from the day indicated on the vignette.
- If, on leaving the country, it is found that the vignette has expired, the driver must buy a vignette to cover the period since expiry of the vignette (but no less than the value of a vignette for the minimum period for the relevant vehicle category).
- If the adhesive sticker is damaged owing to a fault on the sticker or if the windscreen has been broken, a new annual vignette may be issued free of charge, upon presentation of the second part of the vignette. The validity of the new vignette is the same as this of the original.

In case of ascertained movement on the paid road network where the respective charge under Art. 10, para. 1, item 1 of the Roads Act for this vehicle is not paid the driver of a vehicle, its owner or a third party may pay a compensatory charge.

Amount of compensatory charge in EUR: 36 EUR


The lack of a valid vignette in case of not paid compensatory charge shall be punished with a penalty in the amount of 300 BGN.

II. Tolls

Vehicles with more than 8 seats and freight vehicles with maximum permitted gross weight up to 3,5 t are obliged to pay toll.


List of the self-service terminals 

Danube Bridges

- The tolls levied for the bridges across the Danube [between the towns of Rousse (Bulgaria) and Giurgiu (Romania) and between the towns of Vidin (Bulgaria) and Kalafat (Romania)] are as follows:

  • goods vehicles with a with maximum permitted gross weight of 
           o  3.5t or less – EUR 6.00 
           o  over 3.5t and less then 7.5t – EUR 12.00 
           o  of 7.5t or more and less then 12.0t – EUR 18.00 
           o  of 12.0t or more and maximum 3 axles – EUR 25.00 
           o  of 12.0t or more and minimum 4 axles – EUR 37.00

NB: tolls are levied before crossing the bridge in the direction of Giurgiu or of Kalafat; they are levied on all vehicles, regardless of their country of registration.

D. Fees for customs clearance

HGVs transporting goods in transit under cover of a TIR carnet are not required to pay tax for the transit customs procedure carried out during the normal working hours of the customs office. If the total amount of the due, customs taxes and charges of the goods transported under cover of a TIR carnet exceeds EUR 60,000 an escort is compulsory.

E. Dues for disinfection of vehicles

If it is so required, and in view of the danger of the introduction of infections or contagious diseases at the Bulgarian border posts, certain vehicles must undergo disinfection. This disinfection is part of the duties of the competent authorities at the border posts, and the tariffs are detailed in the Tariff for the charges, which are collected by the National Veterinary Service. As from 1.01.2007 the charge for outside disinfection of foreign-registered lorries is EUR 10.

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